The Good Place: Most Improved Player (1.8) Zanna and Billiam

This week, we're covering Most Improved Player from The Good Place's first season. And in addition to cubes of all purposes and striking differences from later seasons, this episode also contains Waterloo Seltzers, whose name Les Miserables superfan Susannah is only kind of obsessed with, preachy barefooters on Quora, Holocaust allegories, brand new ship names (#shellagonye), and loads and loads of whatever the audio equivalent of cacti are. Next week, we're covering Parks and Rec's Harvest Festival with Audrey! Support this podcast
  1. The Good Place: Most Improved Player (1.8)
  2. 30 Rock: What Will Happen to the Gang Next Year? (6.22)
  3. B99: The Jimmy Jab Games (2.3)
  4. Portlandia: Weirdo Beach (6.4)
  5. Downton: 201

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